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DataBasix Technologies is dedicated to providing companies with tools to increase business, and consumers with products that make life easier.
Featured Products
Take command of your leads, prospects and customers with the only marketing contact manager system that provides tools for sales, marketing, prospecting, farming, follow-up and more... all from a relationship-building standpoint. Imports data from DataQuick, Metroscan, SelectPhone, Dun & Bradstreet and more. Includes bulk email blaster for the hottest lead-generation and Customer Relationship Management CRM available today. [more...]
Email Drip Blaster
Bulk email blaster for prospecting, marketing, and following up with clients and customers. Emails are automatically personalized with our "E-Merge" technology, and our advanced "E-Drip" options help ensure your email does not look like spam to mail servers. Requires no special hardware, and no monthly fees! [more...]
Stores all your passwords in a secure database so you never lose a password again. Maintain complete details for all passwords including account information, telephone numbers, web site addresses, etc. Dials phone numbers and launches web pages for your accounts, and more. [more...]
Personal assets and inventory management system makes it easy to track your assets, determine net worth and file insurance claims in the event of disaster. This fun, easy to use asset manager maintains details of everything you own. Link assets to your insurance policies - an asset value-to-policy coverage monitor alerts you if asset values exceed policy coverage amounts! Featured in Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Physician's Money Digest, and syndicated newspaper columns nationwide. [more...]
An expense tracker, formerly known as My Receipts, ReceiptCommander is an effective way to track expenses and their details for those who don't need a complete accounting package. Track expenses by category, client, description, purpose, and even Schedule C tax categories. ReceiptCommander is so useful, the Gadget Guru, Andy Pargh, had nothing but good to say about ReceiptCommander while showcasing it on NBC's Today Show. [more...]
A high-performance, point-and-click, smart file copy software designed to help you automate the copying and transferring of files between folders and drives on a single computer, multiple computers, storage devices such as USB flash drives (even the U3 SmartDrive), portable hard drives, memory cards (cameras, media players, mobile phones), zip drives, and more. [more...]
* Promotional and Private Label versions of our products provide perpetual advertising for your business. Opening screens customized with your company logo and contact info keep you in front of targets for years to come! [more...]
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